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Sony Booth at Photokina 2012

Everyone has been asking me to play with some SONY gear. Like I have said many times before, I would be more than happy to play with it if they would send me some test gear.

In Germany at Photokina 2012 I got to play with the NEW SONY A99 which shoots really fast and has a translucent mirror. This mirror not flipping out of the way allows for continuous live view even when shooting as well as faster frame rates.

But with a mirror that does not flip out of the way you run into an issue where you will loose about 1/3 stop of light. I think loosing any light is not a good idea esp if your not using faster glass. On the other hand with the quality of the higher ISOs you can have now a third of a stop is not a huge deal.

I do hope one day to get my hands on some good SONY glass and a nice pro body to play with and test out.