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Protecting your data with redundancy

One thing every photographer worries about or should be worrying about is protecting your photos for the long term. You all know that I use Drobo who also sponsors some of the videos on the site.

This video and post is not about buying a Drobo it is about protecting your data with redundancy any way possible.

The reason this is coming up now is I came home from FLA to my DROBO telling me I had a drive go bad. Now even though the one drive failed all of my data was still safe on the other 4 drives in the DROBO. All I had to do was pop out the bad drive and replace it with a new drive and within ten minutes the drive was update and ready to go.

It is very important that you protect your photos anyway possible. If this means going to and purchasing one of their RAID set ups or simply having multiple harddrives on your desk just do something. As we have been told for ever, its not a matter of if a drive fails but when, best off being prepared.