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Drobo S Review

I was looking for a solution that would allow me to store massive amounts of photos and video that did not require knowing how to operate a server. After looking into building another PC that would house 10 hard drives or more and handle the redundant storage of my terabytes of data I waned something easier. What I was looking for and ended up buying myself was a Drobo S.

The Drobo S is a backup solution from Data Robotics that is a 3rd generation product. The third generation added USB 3.0 connectivity to a system that already offered USB 2.0, FireWire 800 and ESATA. The Drobo S has 5 bays that allow you to easily add and remove hard drives. It also comes with robust software that allows you to visualize the health and status of your Drobo.

I made the video below to give you my full practical review of the product and weather or not I think you should buy one or not. I will give you a full rundown of what it was like to set it up as well as operate the software.

I really like my Drobo S, it does exactly what it is supposed to do and that is sit there and backup my files. Do I think it is the only solution you should rely on for back ups, NO but it should defiantly be one of the solutions that you look into. I am considering ordering a second generation Drobo 4 bay as a backup to my backup just for pice of mind. Yes I am spending a lot of money upfront but our work needs to be protected at all costs.

If you would like more information about the Drobo please CLICK HERE to go to their web site.