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Adobe Lightroom Slideshow Module (& short rant)

First the RANT…it starts like this SHARE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. Show them off! It can be prints, books, quick slideshows, putting them on your smartphone, flickr, facebook, twitter, youtube, anything. I’ve come across too many photographers lately that have great photographs but leave them sitting on their computers forever without doing something with them.

Even if you do a simple video like I show you here from Lightroom and upload it to youtube at least you are sharing! That way you can easily show it off anytime the subject of your photography comes up — Intentional or otherwise ;).

Now back to Lightroom. I go over what all of the options are in the slideshow module as well as how I use it for presenting to my wedding & portrait clients. Its a great tool and now has another reason to use it in LR3 with the addition of the video export to MP4. Earlier versions would only allow PDF export but since enough people requested (complained…) that you could not export a video Adobe added the feature. BTW if you are looking for an advanced slideshow program like the one I used for my Las Vegas Vacation video you might check out ProShow Gold.