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April 9th 2012

I saw this picture pop up in the flickr group and I had to stop and look. The moment that is captured seems to be pure and real. It would be awesome if everything was in color but I do understand that you can not have every moment be so perfect and you have to capture what is there.

Here is what the photographer had to say about this image.

I simply love when this happens : i was running up 6 floors of stairs (ok not real stairs, escalators, sounding a bit less athletic now huh!?) to meet Dave-The-Roommate™, Sio and Yara for an early dinner in our favorite sushi train, Hanamaru.

On my way there i passed in front of this restaurant and something stopped me. Something i didn’t really consciously understand: i just wanted to stop and walk back there.

Beautiful blue hour, city lights, this huge windows and them. Having a lovely dinner for two.

Not even having to stick my lens in a yellow grid that separates the restaurant from the hallway, not even having to shoot trough a glass avoiding the reflections, not even having to look like a cleaning fish in an aquarium pressing the lens on the glass tying to get less color contamination as possible. None of these could stop me.

I wanted this photo.
I got it.

And i’m freaking loving it!

No Number | Dinner for Two

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