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Are YOU a one man video band? Guide To DSLR Discussion #1

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If there is one thing you will hear time and time again in the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video, it’s the term “One Man Band”.

Being a one man band means you are capable of doing every task needed during a video shoot. You have to set up the tripod, set up the lights, test the microphones, direct the subjects and much much more.

And you know what, there is nothing to be afraid of because I know you can do it. The FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video will give you the confidence and knowhow to get out into the world right now as a one man band and create amazing video.

It’s really important to know how to do everything on your own as a one man band. Because in the future it will be much easier to teach others to assist and help you on shoots.

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