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Who is the ForKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video for? Discussion #4

Click Here for an exclusive “subscriber only” preview of actual clips form the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video. The Guide launches November 1st. 2014.

Who is the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video for? To be honest it’s for everyone from an amateur to hobbyists to professional photographers.

You might think that video might not be hard or that it’s probably the same as shooting photos. The truth is, it’s not, it’s not like shooting still photos. You need to know what is different for video than when shooting photos and how to put it into play.

This is the guide I wish I had four years ago when I started to venture into video. I had no idea what I was doing and because of that I made a lot of mistakes. From terrible poppy audio to setting my shutter speed the wrong way.

What I can tell you is if you have skills as a photographer your learning curve is going to be very quick to understand the ins and outs of capturing video with your DSLR.

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