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Blind RAW EDIT #001

I had an idea to try something new for editing a RAW file, I call it the “Blind Raw Edit”. The idea here is to blindly edit a RAW file that is selected. In this case Adam selected one of his RAW files and it was my job without knowing what the file was to call out random corrections in lightroom for him to do. It is similar to asking someone in the passenger seat to drive the car while the driver is blindfolded.

I really find it interesting to know nothing about the image that is on the other persons screen and have to try and develop the RAW file. I really look forward to doing more of these and letting other people in on the Blind Raw Edit.

To see Adams photos from this photo shoot PLEASE CLICK HERE

After uploading the video I noticed an audio issue so I apologize for that and hope to not have that issue again in the future.

What do you think of this new concept, please comment below.