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Nikon D5 VS Nikon D850 Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle

Nikon D5 VS Nikon D850 Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle Nikon D5 Real World Review https://youtu.be/a-mLPLYQzpk Nikon D850 Real World Review https://youtu.be/9DettgntsLQ Order the Nikon D5 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2hE2pDg Order the Nikon D850 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2A4V1Zp The big question in the world of Nikon right now is which camera should you buy, the Nikon […]

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Tony Northrup’s CONFUSING RAW VS JPEG Video: My Thoughts

A lot of people asked me what my opinion was of a recent video that Tony Northrup made with the title “jpg vs raw, Why i started shooting jpg more”. Here’s my take on some of the confusing statements that were made. Tony’s JPG vs RAW video https://youtu.be/QczEFjn9P7I I decided I would take a bunch […]


Canon VS Nikon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle

Canon VS Nikon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle 2017. Canon vs Nikon the Ultimate battle to decide which one you should buy. This is always the question that fills my inbox, “Which camera is better, Canon or Nikon?”. I decided to put together a video that discusses all the FULL Frame models against their […]


Critiquing President Donald Trump’s NEW Official Portrait

Critiquing President Donald Trump’s Terrible NEW Official Portrait Yesterday the White House released the official portrait of Trump and Pence to the world. It turns out the last photo that was released was not the official portrait and this one is. I think the Trump portrait is simply terrible, the lack of processing to brighten […]

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I got invited to the SONY a7R III hands on press event and wanted to share with you what goes on behind the scenes in this VLOG. At these events you get invited, show up and then they give you a camera and in this case one lens. The issue is the camera was not […]