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Canon 1D X 2500 ISO 1:1 Look

This is a 1:1 look at the Canon 1D X shot at 2500 ISO with the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II.

Remember what I say, any time you take a 1:1 look at anything you are going to see “noise/gain”. This does not mean that the camera sucks or has an issue. It simply means you are zooming in on the grain which means you will see it.

I will put it like this, if I was to print this image full frame on my Canon Pixma Pro 10 you would see zero grain or noise at 13×19. If you were to print this 40×60 and looked at it from one foot away you would see the grain but thats not the normal viewing distance.

What I am getting at is this is not bad and more tests are on the way.

To see the full screen grab of the crop click here or the image below.

Canon 1D X 2500 ISO 1:1  Look