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Digital Photography Help - Buying Tips

It is always a tough decision when you set out to purchase your first digital SLR. Should you go with Nikon, Canon or another brand? Should you spend a lot of money on a body and go with the kit lens? What lenses should I buy, mega zoom or fixed focal length? These are all questions I try to answer on this recent Skype Call with a reader.

He is trying to decide should he spend money on the D3100 or the D3000. If he spends the money on the D3100 he will not leave himself with any room to purchase good glass and will be stuck with the kit lens. If he goes with the D300 he will have enough money to pick up a nice starter lens and save a few hundred dollars towards his next purchase.

I feel that a lot of photography when you are starting out is learning the theory and methods behind capturing great images. The equipment will play a roll as you grow but just starting out you want to get a basic knowledge of composition, exposure and editing and grow from there. Once you have the basics down than you can decide which direction to go next and when to upgrade. Just remember glass glass glass before spending money on a body and being left with no good glass.

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