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Edit this RAW File 48

This RAW File was sent in by a Fro Reader and I thought it had potential for a good amount of edits. The photographers edit is really spectacular and you will get to see that at the end of the week when Adam and I do our RAW Edits.

CLICK HERE to download the RAW File.

Would you crop this file, go black and white, make the color go boom or do something totally off the wall? Lets see what you would do with it, be sure to post it here in the forum, on facebook, google+ and Flickr.

Don’t forget you can make a Screenflow for everyone to see and learn from. This week the best screen flow will WIN something from ME so be sure to do a VIDEO response to the video below for your chance to win.

If you would like to submit a RAW File please send it to

Be sure to upload your edited file in the Forum on Facebook and Google+. Please use file name FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 47 when posting. I love seeing what you guys create week in and week out. If you have the ability to make a screen flow please do so as they are a ton of fun to watch.

FroKnowsPhoto RAW Edit 48