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Edit This RAW file Week 10

Have you ever wanted to edit a file from the D3, well now is your chance. I decided to upload a file from my an engagement session two years ago shot with the D3.

Greg and I both tried our hand at editing this file. I went one way and of course Greg went a different way. But I was really into Gregs edit this week as his color really popped and there was great depth in the image.

I would really love to see what you guys would do with this D3 RAW file. Do you notice anything different when editing a file from the D3 vs other cameras RAW files. Do you think you can do more or its about the same, leave a comment with your edit on the forum.

To DOWNLOAD this RAW file CLICK HERE to go to the forum. Feel free to submit your RAW file to, by doing so you are giving us permission to allow people to download and edit your RAW file for Educational purposes only.

Greg’s Edit

Greg's Edit

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit