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Edit this RAW file Week 11

Here we go again, another Nikon D3 file this time from a wedding portrait from one of our weddings. We wanted to give you the chance to edit a file captured with the Nikon D3 in RAW that was shot with the Nikon 85 1.4 AFD. We really want to see what you will do with this file.

As you will see in the video below, I went and did a black and white and color and Greg did one edit in color. Which of the edits do you like more, leave a comment. But don’t just tell us which one you like better, download the RAW file RIGHT HERE and show everyone how you would edit it. Feel free to do whatever you want in the editing process.

If you would like us to edit your RAW file please send it to . By submitting a file to be edited you are giving FroKnowsPhoto the permission to edit and repost the RAW file for others to download.

Jared’s Color Edit

Jared's Edit 1

Greg’s Color Edit
Greg's Edit

Jared’s Black and White Edit

Jared's Edit 2