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Edit this RAW file Week 14

This weeks RAW file is a well composed well exposed portrait in AMAZING light. But, there is one major issue that is unfortunate, it is not sharp. Somehow the focus was missed, instead of being on the eye it is somewhere on the rocks behind the model. I would be curious to know which focusing mode was used on this image to try and figure out why it was missed.

Non the less it is a great file to play with and edit and Greg and I came up with a few different edits. Which edit do you prefer. how would you edit it? Try your hand at editing this file from the Nikon D90 and see if there is a way to mask or work around the lack of focus. CLICK HERE to download the DNG file.

If you would like to submit a file please send one RAW file to By submitting a file you give FroKnowsPhoto the right to edit and allow others to download the file.

To see the samples click here

Jareds edit 1

Jareds edit 2

Gregs edit

Gregs Edit

Jareds edit 2

Jareds Edit 1