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Edit this RAW file Week 15

It seems that we have been on a portrait photography kick as of late. I personally prefer editing photos that involve people as I seem to be able to bring out more emotion in my edits. This is the first time I think I have “Cropped” someones RAW file but in this case it helped the image tremendously.

The only reason I did crop and I explain this in the video is because thats how I would have composed the image if I shot it. I would have filled the frame and left less room around the outside thus making the model look like she is looking right into your eyes.

What is your feeling on cropping images, leave a comment below. To get access to the RAW file please CLICK HERE to download and see directions for how to post it back to the forum.

What do you think of the grey I shoot RAW shirt is that something you would be interested in?

Jareds RAW file Edit

Gregs Raw File Edit