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Edit this RAW File Week 19

How would you edit this weeks RAW file? Greg had a little trouble this week but I felt that I had a strong showing with the color. This just shows you that not every file is cut and dry when it comes to editing and there are a million and one directions you could go with your edit.

This file came from a Nikon D5000 shot with the Nikon 18-200 lens. I think its a very interesting scene and will be interpreted by everyone slightly different. I again think this is a file that is prime for an HDR editor to play with.

How would you edit this file, CLICK HERE to download.

To e mail a RAW file for us to edit please send it to By submitting your RAW file you give permission to edit and post your image online.

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit

Greg’s Edit

Greg's Edit