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Edit this RAW File Week 27

For this weeks file I asked Danny from 3 Legged Thing to join me in editing this RAW file. The reason I called on Danny is he is big into fashion photography and this file would be perfect for him to edit. Danny normally would spend a lot more time taking his file into different programs and plug ins but we try to keep these edits as quick as possible for you. Feel FREE to take this RAW file and tweak it any which way you would like weather in Lightroom, Aperture, Photo Shop or any other programs.

It is always fun to see what you guys come up with so we can all learn some new techniques.

CLICK HERE to get access to the RAW FILE. Be sure to post your edits to Facebook, the Forum and be sure to include how you got to the final results.

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit

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