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Edit this RAW File Week 38 – Portrait

This weeks RAW File Edit was captured with a Canon 50D and 85mm F1.8. It is a very strong portrait photo of a nice model. Well composed, well exposed but unfortunately not tack sharp on the eyes. After a look at the settings you will see that the image was shot at f1.8 which makes getting what you want in focus in focus.


I own lenses that open extremely wide but I very rarely shoot them wide open. One of the major reasons I rarely shoot them wide open is focus is very hard to get right on. Once you lock your focus on the eyes if the subject moves, breaths, sways or you do the same it is likely that the your focus will miss. Shooting that wide open does not give you much leeway for movement. That is why in videos of me shooting you can hear the focus beep 10 times before I take the picture. I want to make sure that my focus is locked right on the eye and that movement did not effect the shot.

With all of that said the I think the RAW edit turned out very well. We all ended up with a different edit but that does not mean that one is better than the other. How would you EDIT this RAW File, CLICK HERE to download.

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Jareds Edit 1

Jared's Edit 1

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Jared's Edit 2

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