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Edit this RAW File Week 43

On a recent shoot I was on I asked a Fro reader Andy Witt to join me to take some behind the scene candid images. He captured this photo of me taking a break on the Frog and picking my hair.

He also submitted a great edit of his file which we will release on Friday along with Adam and my edit.

Please download the RAW FILE right here and edit it in any RAW converter program that you would like. You can upload your edited file to the forum as well as create a screen flow video of your edit to put on Youtube.

When you upload your video on Youtube please make sure that it is a video response to the Week 43 RAW edit video. Make the title FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 43.

On Friday Adam and I will release our RAW edits of this file as well as point out some of the top edits that we like. I think we might just give away something to our favorite edit.

Raw File Edit Week 43

Adam’s Edit

Jared’s Edit

Andy’s Edit the Photographer

Here are the very well done screen flows that were submitted in response to the RAW Edit 43!!!!