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Edit this RAW File Week 46

This weeks RAW File Edit 46 brings us a photo taken with the Canon 500D.

Look at the possibilites you have for this file. There is a great scene in front of us here, we have the two kids running down the beach, we have the light house and we have a really cool sky.

The question becomes what will you focus on when you are editing? What direction will you take this file, well CLICK HERE to download this weeks RAW FILE.

Be sure to post your final edits in the Forum as well as on Facebook, Google+, Flickr and anywhere else. Make sure that you name the file “FroKnowsPhoto RAW Edit 46” when you are posting. If you can make a Screen Flow please be sure to post it on YouTube as a response to the video above and use the same naming scheme as for photos.

If you would like to submit a RAW File please send it to

FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 46