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GoPro Hero 3 Black Preview and Sniff Test

I am currently in Aruba testing out the NEW GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Before I left I did an unboxing and sniff test along with my first thoughts of the camera.

The first thing you will notice once you finally get the camera out of the packaging and out of the underwater housing is how small it is. The camera fits right inside the palm of your hand but does feel like it has a little weight behind it for something so small. The rubber coating seems like a nice texture to allow you to hold onto the camera for the times you are handling the camera out of its underwater housing.

Speaking of the underwater housing. Its nice that it comes with it but honestly I wish it did not. The reason I say that is if your not looking to use it in an extreme environment than you need to go purchase something called the “Frame”. The frame takes an obstructions away from the front of the camera aka the lens. When the camera is in a case its behind the case plastic thus cutting down on some of the clarity of the lens.

I know this may sound like complaining but it is not, I am just pointing out some things before we even get to using the camera.

You will see in the video what the camera does come with but its the things that it does not that leave me to spend more money. There are a ton of accessories and every time you turn around you need to spend another $20-50. For example there is no tripod socket. In order to attach the gopro to a tripod you need to pick up a tripod adapter. To connect an external microphone you need to purchase a separate cable. You can see where I am going with all of this.

But all and all I am very excited to get to using this camera and see how it works. Hopefully it turns into my go to camera for the first person shooter project and some other fun videos.

I will have a lot of sample videos from Aruba in the full on review coming soon.