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FroKnowsPhoto Photography HELP SKYPE LINE

I want to try something new that is why I am opening the SKYPE line up every Friday at 11:30 AM EST to take 5 random calls from you. Starting at 11:00 AM EST you can start sending me SKYPE messages to jaredpolin (richboro USA). Please do not call, I will randomly select 5 people and call one after the other.

If I call you, you have 2 min to ask a question, make a statement, have me say hi to your kids or anything within reason you can think about. By accepting the phone call you are giving FroKnowsPhoto the rights to record your audio and or video if you have it and repost the video on YouTube for other readers to learn from.

This will be fun and a great way to get to talk with all of you guys out there.

What do you think of this idea, please leave a comment.