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FroKnowsPhoto Show #005 Mac VS PC

Welcome to the FroKnowsPhoto Show #005!!! Greg and I just got back form a photo shoot of a conference called Yanik Silvers Underground 7 which was just amazing. Our job was to capture the event and make a conference look fun as well as take a huge group photo which you will see a little snippet of me capturing during the show.

You will also see the winner of the ThinkTank Photo Retrospective 20 contest picked LIVE on the air buy the viewers. Congrats to the winner and runner up. If you did enter the contest there is a secondary prize we will be giving away to some of you so watch the show to see what that is.

It is TAX refund time and the question Gizzy asked is what should he spend his money on. You will find out during the show that Gizzy decided to pick up a Imac and loves it. Greg on the other hand is not a MAC fan so let me pose this question, Mac or PC what are your thoughts, leave a comment below.

Enjoy the show and if you have any questions please send them to