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Fuji Instax Unboxing and Sniff Test

The Fuji Instax is an interesting throwback camera to the days where the only way to get to see your pictures right after you took them was to use instant film. Fuji has brought back the instant camera with their line of instax cameras. These cameras allow you to use Fuji Instax film to take instant (takes up to 5 min to develop) photos.

I am sure there are many people sitting there going why would I want to take instant pictures these days? And I will say I felt the same way until I started to have fun with this camera. It is a conversation starter at parties and event. When I take someones picture and they see the photo pop out the top they go wow what is that. Beyond that these photos make for really unique business cards. What better way to make an impression on someone than to hand them a photo with your information on it.

I will be taking a few of these instax cameras on the road to SXSW along with a case of instant film to see what we come up with. You will get a chance to try these cameras out on the two photo walks.

To see a FULL on photo shoot done with the fuji instax check out the video player below.