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How To Install RAM in an iMac

The friend to all computers is more RAM, but how do you get it in the machine? In this video I show you how I put another 8 gigs of RAM into my 27 inch Apple iMac to give me a total of 16 gigs.

I picked up my RAM from Other World COmputing which is the go to place when you need to to any updates to your macs. The RAM is a lot more affordable than if you order if from Apple. I think it cost me around $80 with shipping to get another 8 gigs of RAM to max out my machine.

This was a very simple install. I popped off the bottom plate, popped out the smaller RAM chips, popped in the newer chips, sealed it up and I was ready to go.

Some things to keep in mind is make sure that you are grounded so to not cause any static shock. Make sure you have some canned air to blow out any dust that has built up inside. You can keep your old RAM or you could sell it on ebay or back to OWC.

All and all this was such an easy install, the biggest problem with this project is having to turn off the computer. Other than that, its so easy a caveman could do it.