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ISO 3,276,800 in the Nikon D5 is GARBAGE but that was expected: See for yourself

Sample Files #1 (180 megs)
Sample Files #2 (180 megs)

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The Nikon D5 will allow you to shoot up to hi-5 which equates to 3,276,800 which is insane. With that said we knew 3 million ISO would be garbage and it is.

But that’s not the point, the point is at higher native ISO’s like 81,275 you are capturing unbelievable and usable images. For these test images I photographed a friend who is working over at the FroFactory. I took images ranging from 12,800 up to 3 million.

In my opinion this camera gives me the ability to shoot clean files at ISO’s never thought possible. To be able to get a clean file at 81,275 is mind blowing. On top of that I printed an 81,275 ISO image on the Canon Prograf 1000 at 17×22 full bleed and it looks incredible.

ISO 25,600

ISO 51,200

ISO 81,275

ISO 81,275

ISO 3,276,800

ISO 102,400

ISO 12,800

ISO 81,275

ISO 81,275