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Why I Got YELLED At For Being On Stage At The Gavin DeGraw Show: Was I Wrong?

It’s always nice when the artist says “bro, you can go wherever you want to go” in regards to shooting photos at a show.

So why did I still get yelled at for being on stage? I explain this at the end of the video, i’m still trying to figure it out. For clarification the tour manager let all security at the venue know before the show I was free to do as I wish.

I photographed the Gavin DeGraw show in Philly the other day for fun and to clear my mind. I took out the Nikon D5 along with a bunch of glass like the hebrew trinity and the new 105 F1.4 Nikon.

All images were edited in Adobe Lightroom CC which is what I use to unlock the power of my RAW files.

Click Here to access all the FULL RES exported files from this concert.

Click Here to Download 6 RAW DNG files from this concert.