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Jared and Adams RAW Edit 57

Here are 51 of your RAW Edits from this week.

What a great week of RAW Edits of this photo as there were over 45 pages of your edits uploaded. I will be getting to Your RAW edits in a future video along with the winner of the ScreenFlow Contest.

This week Adam and I both did a color and black white and than I tried one of those extreme edits that I keep asking you guys to do after your regular edits. What is interesting each week is seeing how my tendency is to go more blown out and Adams is to stay more conservative. I really like what he did with his files and think it would be great if I personally would find a middle ground between my blown out edits and his.

What I think really helped this weeks RAW file is that we had a great file and model to work with. We are always looking for more RAW files to edit so please send them to . Be sure to include your RAW and your full res edited Jpeg.

If you did not get a chance to download this RAW file please do so right here.

Jareds Extreme Edit

FroKnowsPhoto RAW Edit 57 Jared Experimental

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