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This Photographer was being SO LAZY!!!

Like the title says, this photographer was being so lazy. Well that photographer so happened to be me.

Why was I being lazy you may ask? There was a beautiful sunset in Philly and I decided to go up on my roof to capture a photo of the skyline with the best camera ever, the iphone 5. Sure you can get some okay results with it but I was not happy with myself for being so lazy.

I ran down my spiral staircase, grabbed the D4 and 70-200 and hustled back up on the roof. The light was changing fast and I was able to snap off a few shots before the sun fully set.

I was so happy with the results and even more happy that I stopped being lazy and decided to grab the D4.

Click Here for the FULL RES JPEG

I have uploaded the full res jpeg for the world to print and use for personal use only. I have also uploaded the RAW file as a DNG for you all to edit any way you would like. *CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE RAW FILE*

Again I am giving you permission to edit and print this photo as you see fit for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Do not try and sell or make money off this photo or pass it as your own.

Please post your edits RIGHT HERE in the FroForum.

Iphone Picture