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Let us Edit Your RAW File Week 5

Here we go again, Greg and I edited a Raw file sent in by Aaron Sarauer that I would love to hear the story on. Greg and I both went different directions this week, he went to color that was punchy and I went old school with black and white. Take a look at the video below and let us know which you prefer or if they both work for you? Are you editing styles different or similar?

To submit your RAW file for possible editing please email one file to

The Photo Story from the photographer
“I took this shot in Porto, Portugal. I was just walking around the town and all of a sudden I found these kids jumping off this bridge into the river below. The bridge is actually huge and I suppose this picture doesn’t do it justice. It has an upper and lower level. I got one other decent shot from the bridge but even that one doesn’t show the whole bridge. But I am glad I got this shot with the people looking on and with his friend climbing over to go next.”

Greg’s Edit
Greg's Edit

Jared’s Edit
Jared's Edit