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Let Us Edit Your RAW File Week 6

Each week Greg and I take one RAW file submission and give it our own set up tweaks. Neither of us get to see what the other has done until both videos have been recorded. If you would like to submit one RAW file please send to By submitting an image you are giving the rights to create a video and post your image.

This week I went first followed by Greg. This was a fun image to edit as there was a lot going on, a lot of tweaks were possible. After I completed my edit and was watching Greg’s video I got a little worried when he raised his “Fill Light” and pumped up his “Black Levels” and it created a cool effect that I had no idea you could create. Than I calmed down a little when I realized it was less realistic than I normally like to edit. But that is an edit that may work for some images or for some of you.

Take a look at the video as I added a new feature at the very end.

Photo’s by Rodney McPhail web site

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit

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