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Lightroom Exporting, Adding Borders and Data

Greg's Edit There are a few steps to get a photo looking like this and its easier than you think. Lightroom, along with a great plugin, will give you tons of options and control over your exported photos.

  1. Download and install ImageMagick (Windows only, Mac’s already have this installed).
  2. Purchase the LR2Mogrify plugin from Photographer’s Toolbox.
  3. Install and enable the plugin via the Lightroom Plugin Manager.
  4. Go to File, Export, Choose Outer Borders in LR/Mogrify Post Process Actions Box then click Insert. Set the Mogrify Path in Mogrify Configuration.
  5. Pick the color, size, etc of the borders as desired.
  6. Choose Text Annotations in LR/Mogrify Post Process Actions Box then Click Insert.
  7. Add your text annotations and uncheck ‘Add annotation before outer borders are applied’.
  8. Tweak any other settings such as font name, size, color, inset and position.
  9. LR2 users choose Graphical Watermarks from the LR/Mogrify Post Process Actions Box and set all appropriate options.
  10. LR3 users can use the new Watermarking option if you would like a text or graphical watermark on the image.

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