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"LIVE" Adobe Lightroom CC RAW Editing Tutorial

The other night Matisyahu came into town to play a show and invited me out to take some photos but more importantly enjoy the show.

Click Here to download four RAW FILES to edit. Click Here to access the FULL RES Exported Jpegs.


I of course decided to bring my camera to try and capture some candid and live images with the new Nikon 24-70 2.8 VR and simply see what I could capture. You know I love candid photos so that’s exactly what I set out to capture while I was back stage. This was a very small back stage with a yellowish feeling light set up. It’s your job as a photographer to work in the situations you are given. Some photographers like to bring artificial light into the game but I personally do not like to use it when it comes to candid photography. I think it messes with your subject as well as slows you down as a photographer. Of course this is simply personal preference and you should do whatever works for you. 20151211_matisyahu_128

When I sat down to edit the images I figured why not share my process with all of you guys. I fired up screen flow and walked you through how I selected the keepers to edit followed by allowing you to watch each edit LIVE as I made it.

If you would like to try your hand at editing a few of these RAW files please click the link above. Remember these are my RAW files and you have person to use them only for personal use.