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5 Min Portrait with the Lytro and Interview

Recently in Austin TX at SXSW 2012 I finally got my chance to hold onto a LYTRO and get a full education on what the lytro actually does.

It turns out that LYTRO has been aware of my rants but could not say anything to correct me until the camera came out. They were kind enough to sit down with me even after I called their technology an APP.

Eric Cheng schooled me in all things lytro as you will see in the video above. He has been using the camera for almost a year before it officially came out. It is pretty fascinating when you hear and see everything that goes into bringing a lytro image to life.

All I can say is I was humbled by what I was told and what I saw. The future holds some very interesting things for this newly released technology.

I also had a chance to make a 5 min portrait with this very interesting camera. You can see that video below as well as play with some of the sample images. Don’t forget that these files hold the raw data from the lytro and in the future the full power of the lytro will unlock those raw files.

CLICK HERE to play with all the photos from this 5 min portrait.