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Matisyahu Live Photo

There are times where you capture an image and you know that you just captured something important. This photo is one of those times where I knew I got something amazing as soon as I pressed the shutter button. There was something about the light that I was seeing, I saw the image I wanted to capture and it was a matter of finding the right angle and settings to get it. I knew if I used Matisyahu to block the light that was behind his head it would create an amazing look.

I had to check a few different angles when attempting to capture this image, if I were to high or low the glow would not work properly. But when i got it spot on I knew it and captured it and the resulting image is below for you to view.

To check out Matisyahu’s music please click here. There will be more from the behind the scenes photos that I captured with Matisyaho soon.