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Mouse Pads are in and they are COOL

YAY for mouse pads!!!! I was having issues with my Magic Mouse and thought the mouse had gone bad. The real issue was my desk, so I added a FroKnowsPhoto mouse pad and that solved my problem. It is also works perfectly with mouses that have trackballs. This is a soft mouse pad which works better with mice.

The mouse pad is 8 in round with the full color Fro Logo and is 1/4 in thick which makes it nice and padded.

I made so options both come with a FREE 6 pack of stickers. Option 1 is just the mouse pad for $7.99 and Option 2 is $19.99 for a mouse pad and Black I shoot RAW Shirt.

Click either of the images below to go to the store.

FroKnowsPhoto Mouse Pads