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Huge Milestone and a Thank You started as an idea to take a fun and informative approach to teaching the fundamentals of photography through blog posts and original videos. I launched with ZERO followers in June of 2010 and as of today, I have now passed 100,000 YouTube Subscribers.

It still boggles the mind to have 100,000 people who chose to click the subscribe button on YouTube simply because they wanted to hear what I had to say. This is just further proof that if you have an idea, you can execute it.

I truly want to thank you all for your continued support not just in what I do, but in the entire Fro community. And let’s face it, it is a community and I’d like to point out a few Fro Readers who have been really making things happen.

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Jackie Blakeney has been a really supportive reader who showed up in Nashville for our Frotowalk in March. She was recently asked to photograph some Go-kart races and her work caught the attention of some folks who wanted to buy prints. Jackie has done an amazing job at branding and marketing herself week-in and week-out at these races, and it’s really exciting to see her progress. She took an opportunity and turned it into a business with legs.

Abe Robinson of Blind7Photography decided it was time to focus full-time on making his dream come true, so he left his regular job and set out as a photographer. I am proud to say he has been kicking major butt since making the jump. I am a big fan of Abe’s work, and he has been able to capture amazing portraits with some basic camera equipment, proving once and for all that the gear is not the most important thing.

Stephen Kempfe, who I have also had the pleasure of meeting recently, just got an offer to write an article for a photography magazine. He has also been making his own photography-related videos for the past few months and it is paying off. This is how it happens; one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re getting job offerings. Keep up the great work Steven.

Eric Rossi is another photographer who is making himself known to the community. He has been shooting videos with his “Guy With The Eye” catchphrase for the past two months. Eric caught my attention because he’s putting himself out there and trying to network with other established photographers with his own brand. Whether it is getting people to post his videos on their page or offering up his services to learn from professional photographers, he’s really doing a great job of getting his name out there. In this day and age, you can get in contact and start to interact with anyone. You never know whose eye you will catch and where that will take you.

I know these are not the only Fro Readers who are doing great things, I would like to hear your personal photography stories and maybe share them with everyone in the next email. Please feel free to respond to this email with your stories.

Finally, in honor of reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers, I thought it was only fitting to offer up a very SPECIAL SALE for you in the Fro Store. Insert the art work and link right to that item please.