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Photo(s) of the WEEK - New Photos

For this weeks photo of the week(s) we take a look at a photo shoot where I was the subject. It has been a long while since I went out on an actual photo shoot to get some new photos of me. I have been in need of some new promo / press shots for use online and my web site or for speaking gigs.

It is always tough to find someone to photograph you when you are a photographer. But I felt really confident in what Adam Lerner would capture. He has a style that is pretty similar to mine. I have for a long time been looking for photos of me that look like I took them.

We set up to meet in NYC in Dumbo to spend about an hour capturing images. We really only shot in two different locations out on the street. It was a very good collaboration, I made a few recommendations for angles and lenses and Adam took it and ran.

Be sure to stay tuned near the end as I give you a quick run down on how you could charge for a portrait session.

Take a look at the video to hear a run down of each photo and the thoughts behind them. Great job Adam!!!