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Announcing the NEW Photo Contest RULES + VOTE

We are back!!!!!!!! For more than a year I have been holding the weekend THEME and it is time for a change. The themes have been going very well but from time to time you have to make some changes to keep things FRESH. Before I explain the new simple rules for the Monthly Photo Contest, please be sure to VOTE for last weeks TOP 5 to help one of the photographers WIN a BlackRapid Strap.


I really think you guys are going to like the new way we are doing these photo contests. I am making it a Monthly theme which may mean I am able to give bigger better and more prizes to the winners. On the first of the month I will announce a NEW THEME. You have two weeks to shoot and post your images to the FroForum to be considered for the first round of voting and the critique. All images must be shot during that time period.

You did hear that right, there will be more than one round of voting. Do you know how some people complain that its not fair that someone wins if they did not follow the theme? Well under the new RULES you will be selecting the images to be in the TOP 5. After the two weeks I will post as many images as I would like and you will get to VOTE for five images you would like to see make the finals. The finals consist of the top 5 vote getters from the prior week.

After the first VOTE we then open up the voting again for the final five images where one will be crowned the photo of the month.

I like how this makes it more of a community type decision.


The First THEME of the month is CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black. This opens up so many options not just for color but objects as well. What will you capture, will you follow the them or will you try and tempt the VOTE and try to capture something else? Either way this is all about getting out there and shooting.

You have two weeks from Jan 4th 2013 to shoot and post your images RIGHT HERE in the Fro Forum.


The Shot22




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