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Which are your FAVORITE 5 images? January Photo of the Month

What a fantastic select of images we had for the very first MONTHLY Photo Contest!!!! In the past I used to pick the top 5 and than you got to VOTE for the winner. I thought it would be more fun to extend this to a monthly photo contest and allow you to select your 5 favorite images.

This is how the voting is going to work. I will select images that I are all over the map, some images I like others I think others will find really interesting. This month we have 23 images to choose from and your job is to select your 5 favorites by VOTING below. You have one week to make your selections before we close of VOTING on Jan 24th at 3pm EST. At that point the top 5 vote getters will be put back up for another VOTE to select the PHOTO OF THE MONTH.

You can cycle through the images by clicking on the any of them and arrowing left or right to rotate. The file names are all clearly listed so be sure you are voting for the right image.

Good Luck and don’t forget to LIKE this page and leave a comment below for your chance to win a BLACKRAPID Strap.



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  • PillingPhoto

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  • Marcel75

  • Longzook

  • Kevl

  • KaBudokan

  • JKMitchell92

  • Homank72

  • Hibbel1806

  • Edwin_Leon

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