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Top 5 from October 6th and 7th New theme "Country"

Below you will find a solid cross section of how people captured their vision for “October”. I think everyone did a great job depicting their vision the top five are here for you to VOTE ON. Please cast your vote for the image that you would like to WIN!!!! The top vote getting will win a BlackRapid RS-Sport and so will someone who leaves a comment below in the facebook comment box.

The NEW THEME for this weekend is “Country”. What reminds you of where you live or a place you would like to go? I think this is very open ended and will lead to some very interesting images. Country, could it be a flag, a place a food a landmark a guitar so on and so forth. Be sure to post your weekend images RIGHT HERE in the FroForum.

You can capture images on Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday. You have until Wednesday to VOTE for the TOP 5 as well as post your weekend themed images in the forum.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!!.






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