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Top 5 From "Thankful" New Theme is "Tools"

After the latest two week theme it is time now to VOTE for your favorite images from the theme “Thankful”. Below you will find five images for you to VOTE on. The one with the most VOTES will WIN a BlackRapid Strap. Someone who leaves a comment in the facebook comment box on why they voted for the image they did will also be selected to win a strap as well.

Going forward for the next few months I think we will stretch the theme across a two week window. This way it gives you guys more time to participate and get out there and create some amazing images. That means you now have roughly 13 days to go out and photograph as well as VOTE for your favorite image from the top 5.

The NEW 2 WEEK Theme is “Tools”. Could it be a person, object, thing or something that never crossed my mind. Is it a microphone because you record music? Is it your car keys, baseball bat, pen, pencil or even a paintbrush. What type of image would capture the theme “Tools” for you?

Be sure to post your images starting Friday Nov 30th until Dec 13th in the FroKnowsPhoto Forum. Any picture you take from the 30th-13th can be entered into the running to be selected for the Top 5 and critique. Good luck and keep on shooting.






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