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Nikon 200mm F2 VRII Un-Box

Today I got my hands on the brand new Nikon 200mm F2 VR2 Lens at Allen’s Camera 215.547.2841. This is an extremely expensive prime lens that is incredibly sharp and colorful. Checking in at $6,000 this is not a lens that you will see in everyones bag. This lens is not a small lens, being that it is a 2.0 there is a huge amount of glass which adds to the weight. I hand held this lens while capturing the sample images below and a sample video.

Who is this lens for. Well first off its for a full time working professional who can afford it. It will be killer for portraits in and out of the studio, indoor sports, product shots, concerts pretty much anything you can think of including low light shooting. Of course one of the draw backs to this lens is its weight, hand hold will take a lot of strength and stamina but in my mind is worth the pain of a sore arm. This will be a killer lens for capturing video for what ever your purpose is.

The VR seemed to work very well for me as I hand held the camera at 1/100th of a second and still got an extremely sharp image. The focus is quiet, fast and very responsive. There are a lot of switches on the outside for various reasons including a different way of turning VR on compared to most other lenses. You have you turn a ring to on to engage the VR. The push button on the ring seemed to be the only build quality concern that I had.

Overal, if you can afford this lens by all means welcome it to your family with open arms. To purchase one please call Allen at Allen’s camera 215.547.2841 and ask for the FRO PRICE or you can find it

To see the full res JPEG’s exported out of Lightroom from the RAW files please click the image below.