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Nikon 55-300 Review

The New NIKON 55-300 DX lens offers you a step up from the all Plastic 55-200 kit lens. The new lens is built very well and I would assume takes ok photos in brightly lit situations. My issue with this lens is its price tag, it is $400 where the 55-200 is $249 and the 70-300 NIKON is $590. It is just to expensive for a starter lens that does not offer you a fast enough f stop.

The reason I push better glass right off the bat is when you are a beginner you don’t understand the importance of letting as much light in as possible. When you let more light in you can drop your ISO which will give you better overall image quality. Secondly better lenses (2.8 or better) are built better optically and will give you better results such as better color and clarity as well as the ability to shoot in lower light situations.

Don’t take me being harsh on these lenses as me wanting you to spend more money. The fact is as you grow you will save money by investing in the better glass upfront. I look at is as you are really saving $400 if you purchase a 70-200 Sigma 2.8 II for $800 opposed to owning both for $1200.

Take a look at this video, you will get to see Allen literally cut my hair!!!

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