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POSTMAN FRO Brought Me A New Laptop

It’s not every day you decide to purchase a new laptop. When I purchase a new Macbook Pro I expect that it will be my 3-5 year portable.

The question I was wrestling with over this purchase was should I get the 13in or the 15in. I currently have a four year old 13in Macbook Pro that is fine for editing photos, surfing the internet and that’s pretty much all I use it for.

I personally have enjoyed traveling with the 13 inch over the past few years but I have to take into consideration what this laptop will be used for. With Stephen coming on full time and us taking RAWtalk around the world, it’s become clearer that a powerful video editing machine was needed.

Since that was the case the only way to go is a maxed out 15 in Macbook Pro. There honestly is no way around it, you get four cores and a dedicated video card. You get the retina display and a fast SSD with thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

So for those reasons I ended up with the larger laptop but could not be happier with the purchase. I officially love the size, weight and functionality that this computer offers.

Thank you POSTMAN FRO for dropping it at my door.