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Raw Edit of the Week 53 - Nikon D40 and 35 1.8

I love older world looking images that allow for editing to take them many directions. This image was taken with the Nikon D40 which is a much older camera at this point with the Nikon 35 1.8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Nikon D40 it is a good little camera that is great for people to learn on. When you put on the Nikon 35 1.8 you are going to get great images just like this one below.

What will you do with this, will you crop it, go color, go black and white or do something totally off the wall?

Try doing your normal edit followed by one that is totally off the wall or something that you would not normally do. It is always a good thing to challenge yourself to try something a little different than you are used to, you may like the results.

Don’t forget you can make a Screenflow for everyone to see and learn from.

FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 53
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