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Edit this RAW File Week 29

I opened the e mail and this RAW file popped right out at me. I was really stuck with the low angle and the depth of field this images was taken at. I saw so many possibilities and ways this file could be edited. You could do a regular boomy edit like I did or you could take it old world like Adam did. Or you could do a very interesting high contrast black and white that the photographer did for their edit.

How would you edit this RAW FILE? Would you go HDR or would you go and do something totally different and try some new techniques. This is an image that we could end up with many different variations of and it will be interesting to see what everyone posts in the FORUM.

To access the RAW file to edit this week please CLICK HERE. You must be a member of the forum to download the RAW FILE for editing.

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Jared's Edit

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