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Edit this RAW File Week 28

This weeks RAW photo was selected because it left open so many different possibilities and directions to take it. As you will see in the video below I went a very off the wall direction while adam took a very unique approach as well. What is great about this file is there is no wrong way to edit it. That is what is also great about photography, everyone may see an image slightly different which will lead to some amazing edits.

How would you edit this weeks RAW FILE, would you crop it, beat it up to make it look like film like I did or would you even go HDR. I think this week we may see many different variations on one file and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Feel free to take more time to edit that we usually do in the video, you can use plug in and even take it into other editing programs.

If you would like to edit this file please CLICK HERE to access the RAW FILE in the Fro Forum. Be sure to post your final edits in the forum along with how you got to there. Feel free to post your images on the Facebook Fro Fan Page as well.

Adam’s Edit

Adams Edit

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit