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Edit this RAW File Week 31

HOT AIR BALLOON!!! This RAW FILE takes us back to the roots of why I started the RAW file edits. It is open up a RAW file to everyone that may not be perfectly exposed but threw editing bring it back and turn it into a usable image. This ballon shot was heavily backlit, it lost its color and pop but being that it was shot RAW we all have a chance to bring it back.

To download the RAW FILE please CLICK HERE. You can use any program you would like to tweak and edit this RAW FILE.

Be sure to post your EDITS in the forum as well as the FroKnowsPhoto Facebook page. If you have the ability to record a video of your edit feel free to post that along with your finished file. If you do have Screen Flow for a MAC please let me know and maybe I will get you in on one of these edits in the not to distant future.

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit

Adam’s Edit

Adam's Edit

Photographers Edit

Photographers Edit